Escort or Model, we are here for you!

Unlike most budding models in the city the girls who are the escorts at the A-list parties very seldom like to tell outsiders what their occupation is. But for many models escorting and modelling are two professions which in some instances are two of a kind.

Living and working in one of the most vibrant capital city in the world is not cheap and that’s why it is becoming more common to meet upcoming models who also work part time as London escorts. A career choice taken more out of necessity than as a love for the profession however, it seems that the majority of the girls who get involved in the escorting lifestyle soon realise the benefits of having ultimate freedom and a very large bank balance!

However it’s not for all, some debutants on the fashion runway would never be seen dead being a rich man’s escort but some “not all” of these same girls have been known to provide a discreet sexual favour to a powerful person within the modelling industry as a means to further their career!

Overall whether escort or model living in London is great fun and the party scene is absolutely awesome. Girls love the capital and it provides the perfect launch pad for a career as a model or escort.

At we provide help, support and general advice for girls in either profession. From finding affordable accommodation in the city down to help with getting on the guest list of the top night clubs in London where all the big name A-list celebrities can be found.


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