Warm Coat Trends of Winter 2016/17

Cold weather is here and we are all wondering about what coat to wear that would not make us look like a piece of stuffed cabbage, a stack of Michelin tires or in a better case, as fluffy as a wild cat in winter time. After watching the fashion shows, personally, I did not become wiser. The pieces shown at the London Fashion Week were a bit chaotic and not all of them were actually applicable to my everyday style and usual outfits. But, on the other hand there were quite a few I would prefer to wear on a daily basis and could also gain some good inspiration for street style and streetwear.

I brought you 5 wearable winter trends that are worth considering trying out. Here we go!


To tell you the truth, for me it looks a bit extreme. I asked myself: Ski jackets with high-heels? Are you kidding me? Well, as you can see, this pretty extreme combo is the new trend right now for London escorts and models! My eyes needed a little time to realize and accept the strange composition, but as soon as you get used to it, it becomes quite interesting. Gather your old ski clothes, North Face and Columbia jackets and style them with fancy heels (give it a try, you might catch yourself getting addicted to this new runway look). Not to mention the fact that they are extremely comfortable and warm!


This was unexpected, right? Well, here is the proof, you don’t have to worry if you look like a ‘stack of Michelin tires’ (as I have already mentioned this one) in your warm coat this winter as they are trendy! To call them on their real, fashion names, puffer coats are finally cool again. You can see Vivienne Westwood’s metallic gold piece in the picture, but feathery designs also appeared on the runway this season. Opt for a cool, long-sleeve puffer jacket to look like a true London escort fashionista.


Ahhh, here is what we have all been waiting for. Summer trends included navy stripes, navy style also appears in winter fashion. This universal piece goes great with almost everything, let it be denim or a nice dress, matches basically everything. I brought you a photo from the Coach show, gold-buttoned coats are our very new favorite, can be worn with anything, anytime and anywhere. The patterns give it a little cheeky, fun style, the gold buttons make it elegant on the other hand. Simply perfect.