Not the type of London escort to refuse

Italy was high on Andrea’s list of countries to travel to for work. When Miriam West put in word for her with one of her clients in the Italian fashion industry, and said client hired her to travel to him, the blonde-haired London escort could have sung. Sex in every country was her goal for the future, but something about Italy made the act that much more erotic. As she lounged in the large, stuffed chair in her lavish hotel room, Andrea counted her blessings, and thought that she certainly didn’t regret getting into this lifestyle.

“You’re quite beautiful,” Piero said to her as he approached her with a glass of brandy. “Miriam’s description did not prepare me.” He sat down on the footstool in front of her, and Andrea watched him with an eyebrow quirked so faintly that it would be a surprise if he noticed it at all. She tugged at the skirt of the long, purple dress covering her legs, slipping them through the slit up the side so she could rest one calf against his leg. “I’d like to take you shopping in the morning,” he continued, and Andrea hummed. He knew how to treat a lady; sex, money, and foreign flights.

“I’d like that,” Andrea mused as if she were the type of London escort to refuse in certain circumstances. It was comical how relieved he looked to hear that. “Do you fly girls from out of the country often?” she added as an afterthought. She didn’t always ask questions like that – it was none of her business – but the twenty-two-year old’s maturity had to stop somewhere. It just happened to be in the department of too many personal questions.

Piero, however, didn’t seem to mind the intrusion. “Only recently,” he said. “I bore of the Italian selection as of late.” He waited for her to take a drink of the scotch before continuing. “And do you leave the country often for clients?”

Clientele was the last subject Andrea wanted to discuss, but fair was fair. “Not often, but it’s known to happen now and again,” she said. “I prefer it that way, to be honest. I may start attempting to gain more clients outside of England. Travel all the time. I think I’m talented enough for it.” She knew she was talented enough for it, and she had every intention of showing Piero that. Miriam was a nice woman and all, but if Andrea just happened to steal him away, well…that was Miriam’s fault.

“And this beautiful dress?” Piero asked as he rubbed his hand along the smooth fabric. “Did a client buy this for you?” The more he rubbed, the lower his hand went, until he had slipped it beneath the slit in her dress to touch her bare thigh. Andrea took one more drink from her glass before setting it on a glass table next to the armchair, then slid forward to sit closer to him.

“Clients buy me everything I own,” she said, her mouth hovering close to his ear. “Everything I want…It isn’t right to treat your escorts from London with anything less than that kind of respect, don’t you agree?”

The way Piero’s hands grabbed onto her thighs and pulled her until she was in his lap was the answer to that question. Andrea couldn’t help but look forward to their little shopping trip the next day.