Streaming Pleasure

Fiona drew in sharp breaths, her heart racing as her eyes remained transfixed on the screen. She lay back on her chair after a moment, heart racing in anticipation.

Five people had paid for and were waiting to see her pleasure herself.

Here she was, in her family’s apartment in London, home alone and about to fuck herself live for paid viewers.

Her chest fluttered in excitement. An eternity passed as the page started to load. Her profile name remained visible at the top of the screen, just above the little box she was to appear in, alongside the built-in chat room. FlirtyFox. She checked herself out from head to toe, scanning every part of her body possible.

Bare feet, well-pedicured. Long, shapely legs. Nothing on, from her waist down, as she had taken off her skirt moments before. Well-manicured fingers. A crop top that didn’t leave much to the imagination.


Satisfied, she positioned her camera for maximum coverage and swiveled her chair backwards, so every part of her was visible. Her viewers were in for a treat.

The page loaded. A tab above the chat section notified her of how many people were currently viewing.

Nice! 15 users are currently viewing your stream.

Goosebumps took over her arms, and a chill ran down her spine.

That many at the start?

Fiona sucked in a breath, plastered a smile on her face, and began to speak.

“Welcome to my page, everyone! Thank you for subscribing. You all are the lucky few about to see just how naughty this bad girl can be,” Fiona said in a low, seductive voice.

Comments began to roll in.

Damn. You’re so hot.

-Hello gorgeous.

-Can’t wait to hear your moans.

She giggled. Time to move it up a notch.

She sat back in her chair, gliding a hand down her neck, to the swell of her breasts, past her toned belly. Smirking, she slid her other hand down the sides of her thighs to the folds of her cunt. She dug her fingers in, excitement growing in her body. Her eye shut as a light moan escaped her mouth. Her other hand groped her breasts through the thin material of her top.

Notification sounds echoed from her computer’s speaker. The comment section was on fire. She glanced at the comments.

  • Wow! Awesome! More!
  • You’re so stunning!
  • Damn, the way that mouth opened up as she moaned… I’d give anything to get my cock in there!
  • Hahahaha you fucking perv
  • Can’t stop jerking off to the sight of this beauty’s breasts fuuuuck
  • Best £4.99 I’ve ever spent in my life!

Some of the comments made Fiona flush red. Her nipples, hard and erect, were visible through her tank top. A smile on her face, she swayed in her chair, causing her boobs to jiggle unhindered.

Fiona refreshed the page. Fifty-two people. She was going to give them a show they won’t forget.

She squeezed her tits, holding them up and pushing them together. More cleavage popped out of her top. Her subscribers spurred her on, requesting more with their consistent replies.

Her audience climbed from viewers in the fifties to the hundreds. She was now viewed by two-hundred-and-three people.

Dirty thoughts played in Fiona’s mind. She took a deep breath and let out a slow, muted moan as her fingers went to her wet pussy. She plunged three fingers in, moving with quick, deep strokes.


Fiona gasped. The amount she’d raked in at this point had crossed the thousand-pound mark, totalling a thousand, two-twenty-two pounds.

Fiona still had her top on.

Comments rushed in, begging her to take off her tank top. Gifts flooded in as well, increasing her earnings.

“Since you all want it off so bad,” she said, holding the edges of her top, “off it goes!”

She yanked it off in one rapid swing, and her breasts jiggled in the process. A wide grin appeared on her face. She fondled her breasts. Her fingers toyed with her nipples, pulling on each and pinching them. Her body shuddered.

“It’s time for the main show,” Fiona said after a moment.

She tilted her webcam lower and stood. She turned, giving the viewers a better view of her backside. She wiggled her ass at the camera, smacking her bouncing ass cheeks. She turned once more and sat on the chair. Her legs were spread, resting on her desk, bringing her wet pussy into full view.

Fiona was breathing hard again, and her skin was damp with sweat. Her fingers went to her pussy, stroking around. The tips pressed her clit, which throbbed at her touch. Slipping a finger into the entrance of her cunt, she gasped, squeezing the arm of her chair with her other hand. Two more fingers went in, exploring the insides of her pussy without ceasing. She bit down on her lip, trying not to scream out in pleasure.

Overtaken by the fog that had clouded her mind, nothing else was audible to Fiona but the wet sounds coming from between her legs as she pushed her fingers deeper. Her other hand rubbed over her clit, moving in gentle little circles, matching the rhythm of her fingers as they slid in and out of her cunt.

Everything else faded away, and soon it was just Fiona, in a bright galaxy of her own, with shining stars and glowing nebulas. She trembled, the walls of her pussy clenching against her fingers buried deep inside her. Cries of ecstasy erupted from within as she let herself go, climaxing longer and harder than ever. Her room spun around as she struggled to catch her breath. Dizzy, she  took her legs off the desk.

Awareness of her surroundings returned as the fog clouded her mind began to clear.

Her screen was clustered with notifications. Hundreds of messages filled the comment section, most expressing awe and wonder and the rest sending in more gifts.

Her eyes widened.

Awesome! 558 users are currently viewing your stream.

“Wonderful! I had a great time, as you all saw! I hope everyone did too! This has been a blast for me. Thank you all for being here, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in the next session!” she said, winking at the camera.

She clicked the ‘End Stream’ button and sat back on her chair. A notification came through.

She had made a whooping three thousand, two hundred pounds.

She stood and jumped onto her bed, laughing. Her college fund was settled in a webcam session lasting less than two hours. Plus, her body was still sensitive from the orgasm that had shaken her to the core.

There was definitely going to be another session.